Open brings the right people together to change the world

We crunch numbers and tell stories to create and nurture relationships between charities and the people who support them.

We work across channels – fusing communications, activism, social, storytelling, entertainment and payment into one integrated approach. But we’re best known for engaging supporters via their mobiles.

We’re looking for clients who share our ambition and vision. Join us.

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We provide a full range of fundraising and advertising services from conception to delivery and analysis.


Open works with you to identify where and how you can make your program more effective, diverse and sustainable. We’ll look at audiences, products, offers, channels and pricing before creating a plan to test and roll out new approaches.


Open helps you discover and dramatize the most compelling offers you can make to your audiences – and then develop powerful, responsive creative that gets the results you need.

That means working across traditional and digital channels to drive an initial response and then developing the content you need to keep supporters engaged.


As direct marketers, data drives our approach in every channel. And when it comes to mobile, we have more data than anyone else in the world and plenty of smart ways to cut, analyze and interpret it.

We’ll make sure that your campaign is tracked and measured across channels and platforms so you know what works, where you should be focusing your resources, and where your strategy should take you next.


Our teams are expert at managing and integrating large campaigns. We blend phone, broadcast, mail, print, and out of home with digital, social and mobile.

So instead of dealing with multiple suppliers and struggling to reconcile multiple reports, you’ll have all the expertise and information you need in one place.


Open’s sister company, Open Mobile Global, runs the UK’s leading mobile donation system and will soon be bringing its full range of products to the U.S. in partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation.


Open has developed and launched hundreds of successful and innovative campaigns. Here are a few favorites.

Mobile Supporter Recruitment

Open has developed successful multi-channel campaigns spanning medical research, international development, human rights, animal welfare, child protection, the environment and public health.

UNICEF Commonwealth Games

Open helped generate $7.5 million from 750,000 mobile donations in under 15 minutes – by helping UNICEF UK take over the 2015 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

WWF’s Year of the Tiger

We brought together mobile, direct mail, press, email and TV to create the most successful appeal in WWF UK’s history.

Mobile Monthly Sustainers

Open has recruited over 250,000 new supporters who make monthly donations billed direct to their mobiles. And we have developed the products and journeys that keep them engaged.

AMNESTY Pocket Protest Recruitment

Open engaged thousands of new campaigners with Amnesty UK’s Pocket Protest…and helped convert them into monthly sustainers.

Breakthrough TLC

Open delivered breast cancer awareness information to tens of thousands of women and secured both corporate and individual donations in the process.

British Heart Foundation’s My Marathon

Open helped almost 25,000 people undertake a solo fundraising marathon using mobile tech to track their efforts – by developing My Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.


“Open helped us convince 750,000 people to donate to UNICEF in the space of five minutes. From the core idea of “Children First” to the payment system that processed those donations, they helped us make it happen.”

Catherine Cottrell, Fundraising Director, UNICEF UK

“Open took a great product – animal adoption – and recreated it for the mobile age. At a time when most other people were struggling to work out how to use one-off text donations, they were pioneering monthly payments, stewardship and social sharing.”

Tobin Aldrich, Former Director of Fundraising, WWF UK

“Since we started working with Open in 2015,they’ve helped us integrate – and think about – mobile in a completely different way. Moreover, the experience of working with them has been great. Their office may be across the Atlantic but their attention and their delivery have always been right where we needed them.”

Geoff Handy, SVP, Marketing and Communications, Humane Society of the United States

“Some agencies have a real insight into what engages donors and drives response. Others know how to “do tech.” Open delivers an extremely rare and valuable combination of both.”

Nick Georgiadis, Director of Individual Giving & Product Marketing, British Heart Foundation

“Open has changed the way fundraising works in the UK. Wherever you look, mobile is becoming the key way to donate and to engage – particularly for the coming generation of regular donors. Open are the people who’ve driven and developed this for Britain’s biggest causes, with astounding success.”

Ken Burnett, author of Relationship Fundraising and other books, founder of

Our Team

Tim Longfoot


Tim’s career in fundraising began at the YMCA before he moved agency side in 1996. After over a decade developing data-driven direct marketing campaigns for a host of household names in the UK, he co-founded Open to develop a more integrated, digitally-driven model of fundraising and campaigning.

As Managing Director of Open in the UK, he heads a team of sixty talented individuals delivering both mobile and traditional campaigns to leading British and international organizations.

Tim leads Open’s expansion in the U.S., focusing on client relationships, supplier partnerships and business process.

Nick Allen


Nick has more than 25 years of experience in helping major organizations use online, mobile, mail, and telephone to raise money and raise hell. Nick works on developing Open America’s products and projects and identifying nonprofit clients who can best take advantage of mobile.

Nick is director of Nuevo Fundraising and founder and former CEO of Donordigital, one of the leading U.S. online fundraising agencies, where he pioneered online fundraising and advocacy, building online fundraising programs for leading American nonprofits including the Humane Society of the United States, Human Rights Campaign, Amnesty International USA, Share Our Strength/No Kid Hungry, CARE, and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

James Briggs

Creative Director

Having worked in theater and motor racing, James began his charity career eighteen years ago as a copywriter before moving into creative and strategic planning. He co-founded Open in 2008 and today is responsible for the agency’s creative and planning output.

James brings this wealth of experience to his role as Open America’s Creative Director.

Paul DeGregorio

Senior Vice President

Paul is Open’s Head of Digital and a world authority on mobile fundraising and activism. For the last seven years he’s dedicated his working life – and much of his personal life – to weaving together payment, storytelling, social and campaigning across an ever-growing range of causes, platforms and applications.

Paul brings Open’s strategic and creative approach to clients in the U.S. and Canada.

Sinead Chapman

Senior Vice President

Sinead has worked in fundraising and campaigning for over fifteen years as an Account Director and Strategy Director. She specializes in developing solid audience insight and using it to build engaging and rewarding supporter journeys across channels and platforms.

Sinead leads the planning function for Open USA.

Fiona Pattison

Vice President

Fiona cut her teeth as a fundraiser at UNICEF before joining Open to help make its vision for mobile a reality. She has helped conceive, develop and execute hundreds of mobile-driven campaigns in the UK, Australia, Canada and the U.S.

Fiona is the day-to-day link between Open America and the creative, strategy and tech teams in the London office – ensuring everything runs smoothly and effectively.

What Now?

Open America is looking for a small group of clients who share our ambition to make mobile fundraising and campaigning a major force for good in the U.S.

If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.